Will work for peanuts? « Arzooman Editorial Services

See? It’s not just me. Following up on my Bird is the Word post yesterday…

“Back to editing, which is my career: Editors certainly have no corner on the people-trying-to-get-free-work-out-of-us market, but I do think, unlike what doctors or mechanics or lawyers face, that there is this mistaken notion that because most people can read, what I do for a living requires no special expertise. “I shouldn’t pay someone … but if I know someone who’s good at catching mistakes I should ask her to read this for me.” My degree and my years of experience writing and editing have a little to do with how good I am at “catching mistakes.”

People have advised me to never work for free and to always charge normal rates. But I compromise. I’ll help out a friend, but there has to be something of a return for me–either a small payment, a barter of services or advertising of some kind. Editing is calling of sorts, but I would quickly be burnt out if I were only doing it for a love of words.

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