2 Replies to “Access your inner Boy Scout: Be Prepared”

  1. Was never fully qualified for any job I had, but with each occupation, gained experience that prepared me for the next one. Hobby and sideline memberships and occupations,led me to be able to do a lot more than most higher educated people could do. Reasonable intelligence let me take advantage of opportunities. Lack of advanced schooling do to a type of learning disability did limit some advancement, but job satisfaction meant a lot. Was actually the youngest to graduate from the Militia Senior Officer Staff course at CFB Kingston, that year, before they realized i didn’t have the educational qualifications to become an Officer at that time. I had been promoted from the Ranks in earlier days. Public speaking, organizing and giving lectures caused me to be a community leader in many places, Interest made me President of two County and Provincial groups, and member and delegate to those National groups as well. Executive of the Employee association at work, co- chair of the Health and Safety program for 125 Employees, First aid co-ordinator for the workplace, and safety instructor and program leader. Militia experience in ordering materials led me to become purchasing clerk for all public materials for an $8,000,000 building. Not bad for A HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT!

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