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See? It’s not just me. Following up on my Bird is the Word post yesterday…

“Back to editing, which is my career: Editors certainly have no corner on the people-trying-to-get-free-work-out-of-us market, but I do think, unlike what doctors or mechanics or lawyers face, that there is this mistaken notion that because most people can read, what I do for a living requires no special expertise. “I shouldn’t pay someone … but if I know someone who’s good at catching mistakes I should ask her to read this for me.” My degree and my years of experience writing and editing have a little to do with how good I am at “catching mistakes.”

People have advised me to never work for free and to always charge normal rates. But I compromise. I’ll help out a friend, but there has to be something of a return for me–either a small payment, a barter of services or advertising of some kind. Editing is calling of sorts, but I would quickly be burnt out if I were only doing it for a love of words.

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    1. Hi Jan,
      Well, you know, always willing to approve of something that reflects my own world view. 🙂 Since being laid off I’ve pursued the idea of setting up as a freelance writer-editor but have been struck by how little the work pays (at least in the circles where I’ve been looking, I understand there are areas for which I am less qualified and have fewer contacts that could pay more), suggesting my skills are held in very low esteem. Sure, times are tough and everyone’s biting the bullet, but is it too much to demand minimum wage?

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